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I was bored one day, so I found a bunch of these memes and did them. XD Enjoy the cracktasticness! :D


Pick 10 random characters.
1. Norway
2. Spain
3. England
4. Poland
5. Italy
6. Japan
7. Lithuania
8. Belarus
9. Sealand
10. China

You find out that 1 took the most precious item/person/etc. that you own.
Norway: I took them.
Me: O~O Why?!

4 trashed your whole house.
Me: *walks into house to see the whole place is painted pink* A-ah…
Poland: Isn't it like, totally cool?!

Apparently 2 cleaned out your refrigerator of your favorite food.
Me: Spaaaaain, where did you take the pasta…
Spain: Lovi wanted some. :3
Me: …And?

3 declares her/himself as your wife/husband.
England: Caliegh, I'm making you my wife.
Me: W-what?! I don't even like you! *sobs in a corner*

7 wants to take your vital regions.
Lithuania: *slowly approaches me* E-er…C-Caliegh…Will you please, um, do "it" with m-me…?
Me: I…Uh…*buries face in hands* I'msorryIcan't.
England: I WON'T ALLOW IT.
Me: T.T

5 has made you his/her slave.
Italy: Ve~ You're my slave!
Me: ….*bursts out laughing* You…Hah…bye. *leaves*

6 wants to show you something UNBELIEVABLE.
Japan: Cariegh-san, rook at this new manga I just bought! Who wourd've thought that she wourd actuarry date him?!
Me: Oh my gosh, I've been waiting to read this volume forever! *snatches it, flips through quickly* This is amazing…

You're told 8 is dead-beat drunk and causing problems.
Me: …Belarus is…she's…drunk?
Belarus: I only wan- *hiccup* -ted for big brother to love me…So I thoooought if.. if I…*falls onto me*
Me: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *look of horror*

9 wants to play a video game.
Sealand: LET'S PLAY POWER RANGERS! *grabs a controller, starts making shooting sounds*
Sweden: T.T *puts the box over him*
Sealand: Oh, Daddy wants to play hide and seek? Oh…okay. >:D HE'LL NEVER FIND ME HERE!

At the market, 10 takes the last item you need on your shopping list.
Me: *reaches for a package of tea*
China: *grabs it instead* Oh…sorry, were you needing this, aru?
Me: O///O You can have it…! I still have some at home.
England: You have plenty of tea, Wife.
China: …Aru?

1 gives 7 "classified information." You decide to investigate with 4.
Norway: *hands Lithuania a file* Here. This is a file of Poland.
Me: *nudges Poland* Did you hear that?!
Poland: They're totes pics of me posing naked~
Lithuania: …*heard that* U-um…thank you, Norway…*rushes off*

2 and 9 take you out on a vacation.
Spain: Isn't this fun~? Just on a pretty little boat in the middle of the ocean, with the seagulls…
Me: It's nice. :) …I could do without that, though. *points to Sealand*
Sealand: *chasing around a flock of seagulls* I AM YOUR KING, WORSHIP ME!

6 is holding 3 hostage.
Japan: Gomen, but I have to do this, Iggirisu.
England: Wanker. T.T …Can I make a call?
Japan: …Five minutes to talk. *leads him to the phone*
England: *calls me* WIFE, I'M IN JAIL.
Me: Why the heck are you in jail?!
England: How the bloody hell am I supposed to know?

5 and 10 are role playing and want you to join.
Italy: Caliegh! Join our role play!
Me: About what…?
China: I'm not too sure myself, aru…
Me: Well then.

You're asked by 2 to go skinny dipping.
Spain: Hey, wanna go skinny dipping? :3
Me: *blushes extremely, horrified look* N-no. I really don't. Lo siento…

9 has claimed her/himself to be more awesome than you.
Sealand: HAHA! I am more awesome than you are!
Me: You're also twelve and like, five inches shorter than me. I think I'm more awesome.
Prussia: I heard the word awesome, so I appeared!
Me: Thank GOODNESS. *glomps him* That little kid claims he's awesomer than me!
Prussia: Whaaaaat? Everyone knows that I'm the most awesome!
Me: ….No comment.

1, 6 and 8 are locked in a closet from the inside. You go in and the door shuts behind you, meaning that you're stuck in there too.
Japan: *sitting in the corner, just drawing and ignoring everyone*
Norway: *chatting with his pixies*
Belarus: LET ME OOOOUUUUT! *scratches at door* BIG BROTHER, COME HELP US!
Me: O.o

3 and 7 are acting like 5-year-olds.
England: This tea has no milk in it, Wife! *pouts, pushes cup towards me*
Me: =.="
Lithuania: I never got to play at Poland's house today! DX
Me: Then go!

You are forced into training exercises by 4 and 10.
Poland: Like, drop and give me twenty!
Me: Twenty what?
China: Push-ups, aru!
Me: Question: What's a Push-Up Aru?
Poland: JUST DO IT.
Me: Do what.
China: *pushes me to the ground, sits on my back* Twenty push-ups, aru! You need to become more manly!
Me: I'm a girl, though! DX

4 and 9 took over your house.
Poland: *skips around, painting the walls pink*
Sealand: *putting Power Rangers posters everywhere*

5 and 8 need your help with something.
Italy: Caliegh, we need your help!
Belarus: Get me with Big Brother!
Italy: No…get her away from me! *hides behind me*
Me: Um…*pats his head*
Belarus: GIVE HIM TO ME.
Me: I can't exactly do that…^^"

Somehow your phone is receiving 3 and 4's text conversation.
Poland: Omg u just like claimed her as ur wife?
England: Yes. It was quite easy, really. Just like claiming a country.
Me: What is this?!
England: How're you reading this conversation?!
Poland: lol hi!

You're at the beach with 1 and 6.
Norway: You going to get in the water?
Me: No thanks. *crosses arms over chest*
Japan: *shakes head* Thank you, no…
Norway: …Good, because I'm not either. *just sits there*
Me: SO…you like breadsticks?

5 is arguing with 2.
Italy: Nooooo, don't make Romano move in with you!
Spain: But I love him! …I'll give you pasta if you stop arguing!
Italy: …Deal.

You're out on a "date" with 10. The one who messes everything up is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. Or multiple. Just like in the movies!
Me: ^^ It's nice, going on a date with you.
China: I know, aru…*takes my hand*
Sealand: *runs between us, breaking our grip* RED ROVER! NO PDA ALLOWED!
England: *drags me away* Don't steal my wife, China!
China: She's not your wife, Opium! DX
Me: *sobbing* Don't take me away from my happiness!

1, 2 and 4 are having a contest on who can stuff the most amount of marshmallows in their mouth.
Norway: *just eating them, trying not to look stupid*
Poland: I can totally stuff the most in! *stuffs a bunch in*
Spain: Ooooh! I can stuff more! Mira! *stuffs in more* Weewa! (Mira!)

You're having a snowball fight with 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Japan: Uh, I don't want to hurt anyone…*tosses one at China*
Lithuania: *grins* Hey, Belarus! *throws one at her*
Belarus: *catches it* Don't touch me. -_- *throws one as hard as she can at Lithuania*
Sealand: *throws it at me*
Me: STOP IT. *tackles him to the ground*
China: O.o

3 and 5 drag you to a party.
England: Come on, Wife. It'll be fun!
Italy: Parties are ALWAYS fun!
Me: NO. No they are not.

6 is having trouble understanding something.
Japan: Wait…so in America, this size fry is rike an extra smarr?
Me: True story…
Japan: …How does that make sense…?
Me: Ask America. I'm not like him. XD

1 and 7 are having a drinking contest. You and 10 have to deal with it.
Norway: I am a Scandinavian, I can take it. *on his third glass*
Lithuania: *already shaking, on his second glass* U-um…
Me: Just stop drinking!
China: It's going to make you sick, aru!

2 and 8 are picking on 6 and 4.
Spain: Haha, you look funny, Japan. Really short and Asian.
Me: *smacks him*
Spain: Hey, you do too! You're all short and look Asian, too!
Me: *twitch*
Poland: Like, no way!

3, 5 and 9 are staring at you.
England: See her? She's my wife.
Italy: Really? Lucky you…
Sealand: Hah, really?! You silly Jerkland, I doubt it!
Me: *walks over* Oh, hey, guys.
England: Hello, Wife.
Me: …I…*sigh* Hello.
Sealand: ...O.o

You, 1, 4, 6 and 10 are spying on 7.
Norway: What will he do next?
Poland: Omg, like…Do something interesting, Liet!
Japan: He is quite boring…
China: Let's go aru. T.T
Me: SHUSH. He just pulled out his phone…
Poland: *text ringtone goes off* …Oh.

2 would like to give you a kiss, but 5 does as well.
Spain: Give me a kiss, si~?
Me: …Uh…
Italy: Ooh, me too! ^^
Me: …*kisses Spain, lets Italy kiss my cheeks*

Apparently you have to share a bed with 8.
Belarus: *glares at me* I have to share a bed with you?
Me: *shrug, gets in*
Belarus: *gets in, scoots as far away from me as possible*
-In the middle of the night-
Me: *wakes up with her arm across my face* …*whimpers*
England: *creeping up beside the bed, dark aura* Come sleep with me, Wife.
Me: UYGVSBEGVLJKBUFV *falls out of the bed*

Everyone is playing ninja.
Norway: *is awesomely hidden*
England: ? What the bloody hell is going on?!
Poland: *decked out in pink ninja gear* I look totally cool~
Italy: Ooh, I'm a pasta ninja! *running around, waving arms*
Japan: *you can't even see him*
Lithuania: *standing there awkwardly, scoots next to Belarus*
Belarus: *whips out her knife, pins him against the wall and holds it up to her neck* Don't. Even. Think. About. It.
Lithuania: …*swoons* She touched me…
China: Aru! *karate chops Sealand in the head*
Me: *just sitting on the couch, laughing to death*
Like I said, I was just really bored so I found a bunch of these memes and did them. Sorry, I don't remember where I got this from. If you would like to do it, just copy/paste it and delete all my stuff. XD
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